On 15. Dec 2017 14:24 Land wrote at html_entity_decode:

It cannot convert ' into '

On 16. Nov 2017 10:02 Charles Njau wrote at json_decode:

This such a great tool for testing good work mate

On 05. Sep 2017 10:37 Sandeep wrote at hash:

good service I like it too much

On 26. Jul 2017 11:30 fra wrote at json_encode:

array short syntax doesn't work, ex. json_encode(['key' => 'value'])

On 25. Jul 2017 23:49 Calvino wrote at unserialize:

Thanks!! Usefull tool!

On 13. Jun 2017 07:23 a guest wrote at explode:

your idea of providing an online function tester is great!

On 09. Jun 2017 03:26 greatfull wrote at preg_replace:

Thank that was very helpful. your site made it to my favorite list.

On 08. Sep 2016 08:18 sree wrote at date:

It is very useful

On 09. Aug 2016 07:22 jl-aus wrote at preg_split:

I agree with devvyn a multiple flag would be very handy. Having said that, thank you for this amazing tool! I found you through searching google for preg_split online. Just to let you know. It was very helpful!

On 08. Jul 2016 22:45 Alan Heung wrote at preg_match:

Very helpful website specially for complex syntax